rtw budget and expenditures

What to know how much it costs to travel around the world?

Daily Spend per Country

We’ve been keeping track of our expenditures as we travel around the world and are posting them here as we go along. We are not the thriftiest travelers out there, so our spending is going to be a bit above what you find in the Lonely Planet guide. Prices are good for 2010 and things change quickly, so don’t take these prices as fixed. Spending for each country is all inclusive, meaning it includes the visa costs and travel into and out of the country.

We work in Japanese yen, but here the prices are converted to the amounts in USD. Conversion rates can cause some serious fluctuation in price. Prices are for one person.

Country Total Spend Daily Spend Days
Chile $885 $49 18 days
Argentina $1,028 $42 25 days
Brazil $1,148 $49 24 days
Bolivia $977 $33 30 days
Peru $587 $39 15 days

We’ll continue to update this table as we make our way around the world.

Round the World Total Budget

We expect to spend about $15,000 per person for the entire year. This includes the Oneworld around the world airplane tickets.

Other references

There are thousands of others who have done the same. Check out their sites for examples of other budgets.

Or just Google rtw budget and you’ll get many of the same links as above and probably more up to date ones.

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