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Get your bearings in the first steps section and then start to match your goals or motto to places around the world. A lot of your trip is going to unfold organically, so don’t worry too much about picking exact locations except as major destinations to hit along the way.

We purchased around the world tickets for our journey, but in retrospect I don’t think it was such a great deal. After meaning a pair of captains in Quijaro Bolivia, for example, I was really tempted to take the boat from Buenos Aires to Cape Town rather than our flight we have scheduled there. The RTW ticket is constricting, but if you are going to do it, make sure you at least have flexible dates. Fixed dates and locations would be a real killer.

Our selection of countries started out primarily with wanting to see lots of natural wonders from around the world – Patagonia, Iguazu Falls, Victoria Falls, the ruins throughout Turkey, etc. The second parameter was to try and stick to places where our money was going to last a long time, so that nicked western Europe and North America. They were also x’d off our list by our motto of wanting to get to places that would be difficult to get to with children and we didn’t see many barriers in taking kids to Germany or Spain in the foreseeable future.

The destinations begin with a dream and then just following through with the belief that you know you’re either going to get there or somewhere else equally wonderful. RTW travel affords you with copious amounts of time and flexibility like you’ve never experienced with a two week vacation from work, so be ready to expect the unexpected.

To see a list of our itinerary and places we’ve been, check out the footprints page.

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